Testfoni App yorumlar

Total Scam

Do not download this app. It's a total scam. They'll charge u for anything. Every stupid thing in there is paid. So do not download this app

So pathetic


Terrible racist app

The feature of how you look like 40 years from now is ridiculous. Obviously everyone becomes white when they get old.

Don’t fall for it

This app requires you to subscribe to their service which is $29.95 a month before it does anything at all. It’s a bait app don’t fall fall for it like I did.

Total Garbage!!!!

DO NOT download this garbage!!!!!

Worst app ever

You have to pay for just about everything🤦🏾‍♀️👎🏾



BAIT AND SWITCH! Pay for trial for the results!

Don’t bother with this app if you are looking for something free. Allows you to take the picture of yourself and then when you hit the button for the results it billboards you with a pay $1.99 for a free 3 day trial and subscription to see the results! Totally fraudulent and should be pulled from the App Store!


Can’t do anything without paying 30$

Don’t downloaded if you don’t want to pay to see what was your result!!!

You always need to pay for the results. You can do anything but when you want to see your results you need to pay for it.

I downloaded this thinking is free

They charge $30 monthly to use this app this is ridiculous

Doesn't do anything

Same as everyone else wrote, I assumed it would age my photo but it does nothing. What's the point? Especially when the advertisements show it aging people's photos. Can I have my 5 minutes back I wasted on this please? (DON'T FORGET to cancel the trial/subscription you HAVE to sign up for)....I thought that would enable you to see your photo AGED...NOPE).

Don’t download!

This app is a rip off. Don’t get suckered into trying it. You have to pay $30 to even try to anything and after that you can even actually get the results. I did the trial because I thought it may be cool and I was bored... I was wrong.

تطبيق سيء

تطبيق سئء جدا .. يصلح للاطفال اقل من 8 سنوات للتسليه 👎🏻

Should be ZERO

What a waste of time. Don’t get scammed.

Scam app

Can’t do a single thing without a $29,99 a month subscription. Don’t even waste your time out of curiosity.

Total scam

Click and bait, don’t fall for it

Worst experience so far.

Worst experience so far. If you wanna do the test, you have to pay to subscribe first and then share all those on FB before you can see the result. Horrible!

False advertise!

Whoever created this app should be upfront and honest, maybe, just maybe that way they’ll get more business! But falsely advertising is just sad! 30$ a month? What will you do next? Show me when I will die or something? How about 99c per picture revealed? Sounds much better than 30$ a month pfffffff. Give me a break!

Can’t do Anything

The only reason I gave it two stars is because the idea behind the app is pretty good, otherwise it would have bern only one. To be honest it’s really hard to try something that doesn’t give you anything for free. What I mean is that they have multiple options you could explore within the app, but everything you click on, you have to get a subscription & even though they have a free trial it’s only for three days, c’mon at least a week! You could sign in with your Facebook profile & that’s great, but they should offer some things for free at least for advertising purposes.

Perfectly the opposite

like all the other people on here i’m putting five stars just so u can see this. now i’ve seen lots of scams like this but this is the worst. you’re telling me i have to pay $30 dollars to see how i would look like in 40 years? well it’s not even that. they take pictures off the internet and make it what u will look like on 40 years. that’s what i’m paying for? to see someone on the internet? well just saying don’t fall for this scam. 😋🤪


Worst app the whole thing is a scam

Rip off

You have to pay 30 dollars just to do it I feel like you can do it 1 or 2 times then it makes you pay but you don’t even get to try it to see if it’s cool or something.

Complete Trash

I saw this app on Instagram and I literally just got to see what trash this was and guess what? IT WAS I really hope people look in the ratings before buying.The fact that you have to pay to do anything is already terrible.So in conclusion.....don’t get this app


I only put 5 stars so you could see my message, but do not download this app. I saw it on Instagram and it turned out to be as clickbait, or download bait, as Ali a!!!


no stars for me.

Es un robo. La app es falsa

Es un robo te obligan a bajarla en Facebook.

Bs app

Gotta pay $$ to actually use it. Big joke

Won’t show you without subscription


Horse poop

I can do better

Very bad 😐

Looking for money is just a very bad program

$30 a month? 🤣

I owned this app for about ten seconds. It won’t show even ONE photo unless you pay $30 a month. That is completely insane. I pay $15 a YEAR for Bear, which is an incredibly useful app. This is just a gimmicky app that I would maybe keep for a while if it were free. What a joke.


Do NOT download. They want to change 29.99 per month. Just use “old booth” it’s free and better 👍🏻

Deserves no stars

App does not do what it says it does. Don’t download, waste of time even with the trial. Huge scam. Apple, please remove this app from the App Store

I dont like this

Because this is only for adults and not for kids

I hate this app

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this app and thought it was pretty awesome. So I downloaded it. But to my surprise you need to pay 30 dollars a month to find out your age!

Stupid app

This app shows in the advertising it’s a fun app but they only want you to puts some cash I advise do not use it I’m lucky I didn’t pay anything

Makes u download another app that costs $30 a month

This app is a total scam! In order to see the results you have to download another app that costs $30 a month (but is free for 3 days).

My review

I don’t like the app because it costs money to use it. The app is just not convenient .


Don’t download

Big booty

Big ol booty


Do you think im gonna pay that much to see my ugly mug face in 30 years?


Tried to charge my account $30 when it’s says free app!


It’s clickbait!! You upload your picture and they choose a random person to say how you would look. With my friends...they gave my black friend a random old white lady!


When I got the app I read the reviews. Since they weren’t good I got the app so I could check it out. When I opened the app it said that there was a 3 day free trial and you could cancel any time. I thought,”Oh, maybe some people were wrong!”....... NOPE! Every time you want to use any of them you have to be signed up to Facebook. I don’t have Facebook so I couldn’t use any of the selections they give you. Now I have a worthless subscription I have to cancel! DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡

Pay Up, Sucker

$29.99/month... no way in hell.


You need to pay before seeing the results.


The fact that I have to pay for some knockoff picture changer is ridiculous.


The way they hide the 30$ auto charge per week in fine print is so scummy.


Costs $29 to do anything. Don’t do it!!!

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