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Where are the 5 star reviews?

Funny that it seems like literally every review is one star. Yet, there are a ton of random 5 star reviews that I can't even find when I scroll.


Who would pay $30/mo to see their future?? How many times would you see your future look in a month?? This is ridiculous app! Don’t waste your time !!


Two fingers up

This APP is a SCAM please RUNNNNN🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

ScAm be careful. I don’t know why this is an apple app.




This app is a scam. They want $30 to see your results. They’re crazy


The best app ever

Absolute scam

Do not download. Complete bait that requires you pay to see results.

SCAM and awful.

HORRIBLE AND A SCAM. Seriously. Worst app I have ever downloaded. Please do not even tempt yourself.

Don’t download!!

Garbage app that doesn’t work unless you to signup for stuff you don’t want


Be aware


Do not get! ITS A SCAM!!!

Horrible Scam

This app is a scam. DO NOT GET IT. It says it’s free but when you enter all your info like your age, gender, etc and click get results, it tells you that you gotta pay for it! No way never don’t waste your money or time.


I never review an app so the fact that I am taking my time to share my experience should really say something. This app is the stupidest thing I’ve downloaded. It won’t actually show you a picture of you as an old person and wants you to pay 30 dollars a month to see it.


I saw it on an Instagram ad and gave it a shot. It asked for my age and gender, alright. But then it asked for $29.99 to see the result. But there was a 3-day trial so I said fine, I’ll cancel my subscription after I see my result. Then it asked for Facebook login to see my result. I said fine for the last time. Then I got the result: the result was not even my face, it was a picture of a random guy who doesn’t look even slightly similar to me. I immediately cancelled my subscription and wrote my first review on App store in my entire life.



SCAM and a Costly $$$ SCAM

$29.99 per month subscription charge isn’t worth the expense to even have it on my phone. The app does nothing worth that costs...

Scam don’t get

This app shouldn’t even get stars. It is the worse app ever. It wants me to pay $30 to see how I will look when I’m 40 years old. Haha you thought. No one get this app worse one ever.


Don’t waste your time with the BS is a scam


Straight scam!


I thought his app would be cool, but right when i took my first picture, it almost made me pay 29.99. DON’T GET THIS APP!!!

Less than half a star! TRASH !

Don’t waste your time on this BS!!!

Complete Scam

Same as first comment. Won’t even allow you to get rid of it right away. Why is apple allowing this????

Really bad app

Really bad app

Time Wasted

Costs 30 bucks for every and any quiz (including the old simulator) .. if you want to take a good quiz, there are MANY more available and free on other apps or even online. Don’t waste you time or your money. 1 star

Click Bait for $

Unless you have $29.99/month you’re wanting to commit to this, DON’T EVEN TRY this app. No results until the user signs up for a three day trial and $29.99/month after. Terrible.

Complete Rubbish

Ok now how shall I start this? so you read it was 30$ and it gave a 3 day free trial so I purchased it(not really since I cancelled the payment and only got the free trial) but when I wanted to see how I would look it asked for me to sign into my Facebook and give it personal information.Honestly who ever is the developer of this app should just stop the app honestly 30$ for the app then you want information on me?Completely horrid app and I would advise you not to use it unless you are willing to give them personal information.

0/5 Scam, an absolute trash app

0/5 stars this app is trash and a complete scam, $30 to see how old I will look, what a terrible company scamming people out of their hard earned money

To much for the app

Why does this app have to be so much Uh y’all people discuss me

This is a scam

It says will age picture. Looks fun. Sign up for week trial. Try it out. You cannot see result until you agree to post it. I did not even get that far and canceled immediately. Really dumb.

Why $30??

Why would you need to pay monthly fee for this? How many times and how many people would justify the charge?


I saw this app in an add to see what you look like when you’re older. I downloaded t and got busy, so I didn’t even submit the picture that was required. Days later I had an iTunes charge for $30 that came out of my bank account. NO AUTHORIZATION was given to charge me. I never hit agree to terms or was notified through email!!! I just recently reached out to get refunded, but it’s all through email.....


Does not work! Waste of time and they want to charge $30 for this garbage!!

Ummm what the heck liars

Okay so I see this ad and I was like oh this looks cool and then it said submit and then it said 30 FRICKEN DOLLARS so then I was like well maybe there are some that are free so I looked and looked nothing you guys need to fix this all I see is one star so like obviously you need to make some free and some maybe like pay like 99 cents for then you have it forever but make some free like honestly what do you think everyone is rich and even if they are who will spend this much on a app that is like 300 a year ON A APP worst thing ever huge disappointment


This is a total scam

Scam. Don’t waste your time

See title

Just don’t

Don’t download this. 29.99 a month for nothing....

I just paid for advertisements

Worse app I’ve ever bought on impulse price.... clicked an ad to see what I look like when I’m older and instead and looking for how to unsubscribe

Don’t waste time !

Not free

Bad app

This is a bad app that forcely subscribe you to 29.9$ per month for nothing, be careful

Absolute JOKE

FREE! Jk we want $30 to change your hair color to white and add some wrinkles to your face. waste of time.


I wrote lol but it’s not even funny how much of a rip off this app was. Charged me $30 after a week because I forgot to unsubscribe and that’s exactly what they are looking for. Idiots like me who forget. This is a joke, turn around and run far from this app

Do Not download

Useless app , there no even trial without subscription

You’re joking.. right?

Seriously shocked this has 2.3 stars. Does not deserve the 1 star I had to give. $30/mo to get a picture edited? Have you lost your minds?

Sh!t app

Fail ,¡,

$30 to see results

App designer screwed themselves by over pricing the product. No sane person will pay $30 for a photo that is supposed to be fun. Had the price been $3.00 they probably would have made real money on it because more people would have bought it. Now they’ve burned their market. Too bad.

It doesn’t even work

Bad app


FREAKING TRASH TRASH TRASH TRASH your just looting us so if u see this get lost owner

They’re Starving for money!!!

They are money hungry!!! Deceiving people into their crappy overpriced app. Misleading info shouldn’t be allowed by the App Store. Total BS!!! Don’t waste your time.


Don’t waste your time!

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