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Info stealer, begs for a $29.99 monthly subscription. False advertising in the Facebook link, doesn’t do the age thing. Scam scam scam.


I deleted this app and it still charged me a monthly fee of $54! I’m not impressed and I want my money back


29.99 a month subscription for this? No thanks

You’ve got to be kidding me

Literally 30$ just to see a terrible photo of what you’ll look like in the future. Do NOT download this terrible app.

Don't do it!!!

They charge me $32 dlls automatically for nothing, bad app!!!

Scammers!! Beware!!! do not download

This app is a total scam. It promotes itself as a valid tool to use to demonstrate how one would look when older. In order to actually perform the test you have to agree to a $30 monthly subscription, with a free 3 day trial, once agreed ur results are never shown! Complete rip off! And false advertisement! Please do not waste your time!!

Terrible and scammed me

Took my $30. Waste of time. DONT DOWNLOAD


Orrible por que no dicen que es pagada 😡


A scam program deceives people for anyone downloading advice to you

Stupid lying

Why would you not tell anyone that you had to pay to see the results.😑😤🙄

Deleting app

This app is pointless, you expect ppl to download it bc it’s free well when you go to try it it charges you 29.99 which is ridiculous

terrible !!

sincerely, i’d prefer giving this app a 0/5 stars, but that was unfortunately not an option. this app is cheating you, trying to get your money and time wasted on downloading and trying to use it. “find out what you will look like in 20 years” my a**! it has you take a picture or answer a few questions about yourself until you’re intrigued about your result and then it behinds to say “start now for a three day trial and start paying $29.99 a month and what not... overall, a waste of time and a cheating, lying app!! don’t waste your time!!!!!!

Doesn’t do what it advertised in the picture 😡

This is just a waste of time and is advertising things with pictures of how it works when it doesn’t even work the way it’s showing in the pictures

So expensive!

This app is free and looks a little interesting so I got it. The I got to submit a picture of myself hoping to see what I will look like in 40 years and it asks me to pay 29.99 a month just to get some inaccurate pictures that will not help me in any way. All that they do is add in some wrinkles and blemishes. I definitely do not recommend this app.


Stupid. Useless app, unless you want to pay $30 a month!!

Absolute scam

The instant you request to see what you’d look like it charges you $30 for a monthly subscription and doesn’t work otherwise. Not wroth any decent persons time.




You have to subscribe and pay money to be able to get the results of any of the tests you take. Also you have to log in with Facebook for a lot of the tests. It was disappointing and misleading. :(


Seems like it would be a cool app until it asks you to pay $29.99 to do anything on the app...


This app is trash to not get it it’s is such a fake 😒😒

Oh my lord

30 dollars for something I could find on a free website ? Give me a breakkkkk.

Bull crap

Was really interested in trying out the ‘What you will look like in 40 years’ and it’s a total scam. You can do anything until you subscribe which is thirty dollars a month😑


احذروا طريقة قذرة لسحب رصيد الايتونز ع طول ربما يستغلون الاطفال في طريقتهم القذرة برنامج فااااااشل وكذب كل المقصد سحب الحساب

It not good

They are liars

Big liars

If there is no star I will choose it Why do make it Free to download and when trying it you ask for money


No muestra resultados sino te suscribes a las versión premium pagando..

Bad apps

Bad apps


Useless app

Not worth the time at all! DO NOT download

Totally a simple scam app. Must be a novice app creator and sleazy way to get some survey data.

False advertisement

Not what the ad made it out to be.

Пустая трата времени и наглость разработчиков

В Инстаграмме реклама приложения этого. Ок, устанавливаем, заполняем варианты и вместо того, чтоб протестировать прогу - у нас просят сразу денег :))) Но есть мозг или совесть? Покажите сначала, за что платить????

This is a SCAM

Don’t download

Bait & Switch

Get this trash off the App Store

This is fraud.

The app subscribe to the monthly payment by cheating you. Doesn’t not provide any valuable content.

I want my money back

They stole my money and I want it back I downloaded the stupid app for free and they stole my dam 50 dollars worst app 😡😡😡😡😡😡


Doesn’t even work

Rip off

I subscribe because it offered a monthly free trial but after a week it charged me 30 for crappy tests and whatnot. Please read this before you want to subscribe for a "free trial" they'll take your money regardless. And besides the amount of money you pay, the app is crap really. I would give ZERO stars if I could.

Do not download!

Useless app. Doesn't do what it's intended not even after the subscription steps! Complete waste of time.


Don't even bother

Zero Stars

Trickery! Be realistic developers. No one should need that much photoshop.. $30 a month. Pfft. SMH


Scam app

This app doesn't make sense

It charges you $30 per month so you can take some tests?? Please, this app doesn't make sense, worst app ever!

Complete And Utter Crap!

Misleading FB ad, horrible app. I will never download from this company again, ever!!

Money trap

This app could have been popular if it was not for stupid premium upgrade thing. Feel sorry for the developers Who developed this for the foolish owners


This app is misleading as it requires taking your financial information before even seeing the results to start a free trial and bill you later for $29 a month. Very disappointed.

Scam .

Don’t waste your time .


Total waste of time, like if i didnt know better, I'll totally forget to cancel the renewal and would be charged $30. Total scam!

Do not download this app

Do not download this stupid app


This is a trap app....please don’t waste your time. It’s full of ads.


Asks for money right away

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