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Stupid App

Who wants to pay $30 a month to see there self in 40 years!!


i was really thinking to myself how myself would look like when i am older but it turns out i have to pay atleast $30 just to look at the results of how i would look like. This app is straight up retarded do not download unless you want to pay sum money to see how you look.


I swear baddest program in the world


When I first saw this it looked fun! When I put a photo of myself and did my gender and all that, I was ready to see “what I would look like it forty year, but... I need to pay $20?! And I had a three day free trail but I didn’t know my password for the App Store so I couldn’t do anything didn’t like this app wouldn’t recommend.

Don’t waste your time!

If I could do negative ratings I would!


This is totally a SCAM

Scam and Awful. Don't download it

I saw an advertisement on Instagram for this app and thought the age increaser thing looked pretty cool. Only later I find out they totally scam you and after filling in all of your information they charge you $30 a month just to see your results! It's an awful app, don't download it.

Wish I could give a zero out of 5!

They charge you $30!!!!! And you don’t even get any results - unless you share on Facebook. Total scam don’t download.

It’s a scam

They will subscribe you to their service and deduct money from your account. I can’t figure out how to get my money refunded.


Same as everyone, it’s not free...30$? Lol.


I downloaded this app off of Instagram thinking it would be cool but then I found out you have to pay 30 freaking dollars like what!!!!! This is so stupid and hell no I am not paying for a scam!


This is a scam no one should use this app


The app made me pay 30 dollars before I could see what I look like and it is not worth it.

Ignore this app

You must pay to see, its tash, its for free but you must pay. GG guys shame on you.!

Oh heck

On many sites where I saw this app, it promoted that it will show you from the age you are now until 40, through the years of course. When I put my photo in it made me PAY to see what I’m going to look like in 40 years, smart business for the company but it’s not going to make people keep their app. Also, they need to promote what their selling us. Never once did it say that I would need to pay in order to see what I’ll look like in 40 years.


Just like all the other apps. They advertise, try and hook you, you download it for what looks like it’s free, go to use it and it’s $29 after the first three day trial in small print. Nice try you guys.

Absolutely sucked!

I got the app thinking it would be fun to see what I looked like in 40 years. Then I seen that it was 30 dollars. I went hell no and deleted it. Not getting my money.

There is a Subscription fee

I would not get this app because even though it's free you have to pay a subscription fee. The price of the subscription is in my opinion more than it should be. I think you can find a different app that does the same thing without the fee.

Ridiculous Scam.

I downloaded this app after I saw an ad on Facebook that claimed it could show me about what I might look like when i’m older. I went through the motions, agreed to a subscription that I intended to cancel immediately after the app gave me the results, and guess what?... They pull up a random picture of an old guy off google and give it to you. Totally illegitimate. Sometimes the picture will even be of a man of a difference race. The people running this app make their money off of the poor users who either forget to cancel their subscription or simply don’t know how.


Umm stupid app. Have to pay 30 for it. Nice try losers. Please don't waste your time downloading this unless you want to pay 30 bucks for it.

Don't waist your money on this

Ok. First I bought the app thinking it should be a cool app to play. Turns out just to know how you look as a old person, know what Simpson caracter you are or simply to know which woman is blonde,you HALF to pay!!!! What the heck dude!!!!!!!!!!! The worst this is that it's 30.00 dollars just one month If you half to pay why is this app even free? Why isint it alredy payed Like a app for 2.00 Or something.... The point is don't buy this cause the only thing you can do is go around the thing you can't do ~Sabrina


Wants you to pay to see results. What a joke


It’s just horrible and a scam

It really deserves no stars

But this app is so not useful instead I hope this comment is🤗🤗


Why does this terrible app have a monthly subscription of 30 dollars just to use it? What a scam.

Total Scam

They’re hoping you’ll forget to end your $30 trial membership so they can keep charging you monthly. Nice try

Do Not Download

It’s not at all how it appeared when It was advertised to me in social media. You have to create a profile, it asks your age and gender, and then it only allows you to view your photo after you agree to pay after 3 days (except that you also have to cancel 24 hrs prior to the end of the trial). It only shows the photo after you log-in to facebook and doesn’t allow you to select your picture. If you have anyone else in the photo, forget it! Skip right by this app (total waste of time.)

I wish I could give this app 0 stars

I downloaded this app super excited to see what I would look like in 40 years. I saw this on an Instagram ad so I didn’t have very much info. I download the app then they want me to pay $30 a month once the 3 day free trial ends. I decided that I would just use up my 3 days then unsubscribe so I wouldn’t get charged. So I do so and of course when I get in they ask for my Facebook log in. I log in and my results were just a photo of a lady saying I’ll look great in 40 years. So I try to explore the app more and this is just the worst app ever invented I feel like it’s a joke it’s sooo stupid. It’s frustrating and makes me angry. Do not download.

I hate it

This is the worst app ever. Don’t get it, it makes you pay and is a complete scam. And it makes you login to Facebook!?!? Like, what the heck!?!?

worst app ever

I was on instagram and this app popped up.It looked realistic and cool, so being the young foolish kid i am, I downloaded it. First I did the weekly choice. Next thing I know it’s taking me to my gallery. When I finally get to see my results it took me to a pay screen. I hate this Stupid App

Don’t download

Bad laying


Stupid. $30? Are you kidding?

$30 fee to use

No paying for that

I hate this app

So fake and dum I have to pay, u just want downloads your so sad u are a stupid idiot

Such a ripoff

Try’s to make you pay 30 bucks for an inaccurate app

Complete 🐂💩

I seriously have to pay 💰 just to see what an altered image of myself in 60 years will look like 👀👀GET REAL and it’s not even like it’s $1.$2.$5 it’s $29.99 like nah 🖕🏾🖕🏾 outta here

Not worth it

So I download the app because I wondered what I would look like when I’m older. I get the app I tells me to take a photo. Then I push results the it tells me to pay for a subscription!!!!! I deleted it right away. Not worth anyone’s time.

Please don’t download this app

Waste of time and really not showing any result it just collects data about you!!!!!😡😡😡😡 And it requires sign in using Facebook 😡😡😡😡😡😡

This app is bad

You should put this app as 10$ instead of 30$ Bc nobody is going to pay that now FIX IT!!!!!!

Come on Apple?!

Is Apple’s app market turning into Android? Apple, how did you approve this useless app for that charges $30 a month.

LOL, no thanks

$30 to see how old you’ll look. The app gives the appearance of being free until you hit “see results”. I chuckled out loud at the “no commitment” line. I showed my wife and she laughed too. This app is the software equivalent of those multi-level marketing brands. Hilarious.


Saw it on Instagram and thought it would be cool. YOU HAVE TO PAY $30 DOLLARS A MONTH TO GET GHE RESULTS.

Complete scam

Scam scam scam scam HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 30 bucks? Nice try idiots

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Don’t waste your time. It’s nothing like the add total scam

Great product only $30/month

So I saw this FREE app on Instagram and I was look "oh my gosh, I have to have this app." So I download it and submit my picture and age and it told me to get the results I must pay $30/month to get my results. I know right. STUPID CHEAP so I bought that sucker and you I couldn't believe my results in 20 years I will be the real life Yota! I can't believe it, you best believe I'm paying $30/month for the rest of my life with results like these!

Not what it says

Worst aap and it just tried to login and gives you weird share options to Facebook rather showing you the picture .

Do not download it!!!😐

This app first asked me for my picture. and then it asked me for my age .then it asked me for what gender I am .then it said result I clicked it and it said to choose a picture again and I had to do same thing over again but it still didn’t work this Such of a yep off do not download it you’ll be disappointed🤨

This app ruined my life

I only put 5 stars so that I will be given a platform to speak the truth. In short This entire app is a scam. I saw an ad on instagram and I thought it might be fun to peruse the application and see what fun little things entailed... Needless to say it fell short of all expectations. You can’t do anything without paying $30. Post downloading my life has been a living hell. My father and I are now estranged. My mother won’t look at me in the eyes, and my siblings have cut me off entirely. I had gotten mixed up in the wrong crowd that had taken a wrong turn after downloading this app and now I am addicted to fighting old men behind Walmart’s... I have blown all my money on bon bons and now I live in a van down by the river. And as far as everyone involved with the creation of this app... well as far as you should be concerned, it’s judgement day.

Zero Stars/ Scam

This app is a BS scam that lets you download it for free. However if you want to see the results on any quiz you take, SURPRISE: Just pay $29.99/Per month. No thanks. I'll stick to playing angry birds and wasting time with other apps I don't need. If you paid for this app, you just wasted $30 and should be ashamed of yourself.

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